County Basketball Program



Boys play in the PGCBGC League which starts in January.


All players must obtain a MD Identification Card from the MVA in order to play. 



Girls play in the AACBGC League which starts in December.

Uniform Distribution

Uniforms will be handed out prior to the start of season or before your first pre-season tournament.


Each player must provide a $100 uniform security deposit check, made payable to BBGC, and post-dated to March 30, 2019.


Prior to you being issued your uniform, all of the aforementioned steps must be complete. Once your child is registered and has submitted the $100 security deposit check, they will be issued their practice and game uniforms.



NO player will receive any equipment from BBGC until this check is obtained. The check will be cashed if all equipment and uniforms are not returned by March 30, 2019.